Dose Moksha India Foundation Provide Detoxification Program? What about other Services?

All of Moksh India Foundation’s residential programs provide comprehensive medically-supervised detoxification. All new patients spend their initial 24-48 hours on a medical unit to be sure they are medically stable & then are assigned to a specific treatment unit. MokshIndia Foundation facilities are staffed with medical personnel 24 hours per day to ensure that all a patient’s medical needs are appropriately met. If you are a prospective patient or family member, feel free to ask for details about our policies & procedures.

How much Durg and Alcohol Treatment Cost or Last ?

It depends on the type of treatment & services you need. We offer a range of services from the less expensive outpatient rehab (daycare, which is for people with less serious addiction issues) to what we call primary residential where people live with us for 30 days or longer to get the help they need. The basic cost of stay for primary residential rehab for a 28-day stay depends on the severity & treatment re-habilitation. Additional services such as counseling for other issues, prescriptions, etc. are charged separately when needed.

What If patient need psychiatric help?

Your intake counselor will gather your mental health background & with your permission discuss your needs with your mental health care provider. All of our programs work with people who have concurrent mental health issues in addition to their diagnosis of addiction. However, we are not a locked psychiatric facility, & if your condition is too severe to be safely accommodated at MokshIndia Foundation, we will refer you to another treatment provider.

How long does residential care last?

The programs at MokshIndia Foundation are not defined by a number of days, but rather by individual needs. Lengths of stay in both outpatient & residential programs are dependent on the needs of the individual & are determined through an assessment & evaluation process. For most people, an average length of stay in primary care is four to six weeks but longer-term programs – often two or three months – are beneficial to many. Successful treatment is the ultimate goal, & time is necessary to win the battle.

While the outcome of a residential treatment program can be the most efficient form of treatment, the time commitment is substantial. We encourage prospective patients to get a thorough evaluation, either through MokshIndia Foundation or another provider, to determine the best level of care. The results may show that an outpatient program is an appropriate option, or that residential care would be more beneficial.

Why do some people stay longer than others?

Addiction is a complex disease that impacts people physically, emotionally & psychologically, so some people’s treatment needs are more severe than others. A person’s ability to function, attitude toward treatment, & maturity level all impact the treatment plan & how he or she progresses. In some cases, such as with healthcare professionals, licensing requirements dictate length of stay & levels of care necessary to return to work. At the beginning of treatment, the initial assessment defines the treatment plan.

As patients progress through treatment, their needs are continually re-evaluated & the treatment plan updated to reflect their changing condition. Ultimately the length of time they spend in the program is determined by clinical progress & readiness for discharge.

What kind of Rehab Programs do you offer?

MokshIndia Foundation offers a wide array of alcohol & drug treatment programs & services for adults & youth including specialized rehab programs for men, women, health care professionals, lawyers & pilots. Our Mental Health professionals are skilled at helping patients with co-occurring disorders (issues in addition to addiction, such as depression, anxiety, & eating disorders) – a service that sets MokshIndia Foundation apart from other alcohol & drug treatment centers. As part of our commitment to “lifelong recovery,” we also have an active Alumni Relations group, weekly retreat offerings & retreat program. Family members play an important role in the addiction recovery process & are encouraged to attend our renowned Family Program, Parent Program, & Sibling Program.

Do you treat anything besides drugs and alcohol addiction?

Many people who come to Moksh rehabilitation centre seeking treatment for their drug or alcohol addiction may also struggle with mental health issues, such as depression, eating disorders, grief, anxiety, or post-traumatic stress disorder. This combination of addiction along with a mental health issue is called “co-occurring disorders” & in fact, is quite common. Moksh rehabilitation centre has medical staff, psychologists, psychiatrists & counselors on site who are skilled at addressing the complexity of issues around co-occurring disorders alongside the addiction to drugs & alcohol.

I like to work out. Can I do that while I am there

Absolutely! Physical health & fitness is an important component of MokshIndia Foundation recovery programs. Workout & fitness facilities vary & may include gyms, weight rooms, walking trails & other resources. Every MokshIndia Foundation patient receives fitness & recreation evaluation & individual plans are prepared for fitness activities while in treatment & following discharge.


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